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Michael Poddighe

On Monday 27 November 2017 our editorial team will be published on the sun 24 hours NORTH EAST.

Our article explaining the project and all the benefits of the solution for the retail world.

Circulation of more than 675,000 copies with visibility on the site of over 1 million contacts.

We are proud of it


Michael Poddighe

We often talk about innovative start-ups. Of product and process innovation. Yes, but what are innovative startups? How are they born and developed?
Today we tell you the story of a successful startup born just under two years ago and today a successful company, ready to give itself an industrial dimension.
We will talk about digitalization of cash and the 4.0 revolution.
We are in connection with Michael Poddighe, engineer, owner of SecurSafe.
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Since the end of 2018, just 8 months after the start-up of the start-up, we have been providing the new solutions to one of the largest dental groups in Italy, DENTALPRO.

Solutions made entirely in Italy with specific innovative software and protected by trade secret.

DEENTALPRO has relied on us because we use innovation in 360 ° payments, cash, electronic and checks with the RDC system.


In 2020, in full pandemic, CASHINOW does not stop and creates two new solutions to renew the range. New lines designed by DELINEODESIGN with a strong sense of new generation.

The new lines are integrated by a software update with new and advanced algorithms, which are the result of the wishes and needs of our customers.


Already since 2019, the solutions have been purchased by large medical groups and pharmacies in Italy with enormous benefits in terms of security and cash management.

From 2021, following the acquisition of majority shares by Microhard srl (a company active in the design and construction of industrial electronic systems and software in the fields of Transportation, Healthcare / Tobacco, Gaming / Car Wash / Vending, Parking on-street , Parking off-street) the company’s registered office is located in via Santo Stefano in the heart of Bologna.

The entry of Microhard SrL made it possible to create solutions with a new design and to industrialize the products. It also enabled the activation of a new production line capable of managing the orders received on a monthly basis, completing the test and delivery phase with installation performed by specialized technicians trained to perform the work in a workmanlike manner.


This year our wonderful adventure at # cosmofarma2022 ended. We want to thank you all: customers, staff and all those who contributed to this result.
Many meetings and opportunities, but also many customers who have appreciated our innovative products and will install them.
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May 25, 2022, we are at the Bologna autopromotech fair.

Intense days and great interest in our solutions which include in addition to cash / in and cash / out, also solutions up to 10,000 banknotes for service stations !.

Our founder and CTO Michael Poddighe, always present to give all possible solutions for every request.